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Spiffing Prints Paul Klee - Heisser Ort 1933 Poster Print Giclee Large

by Unknown


Delivery: €47.41

Buy high quality fine art reproductions with Spiffing Prints. We print with archival inks on your choice of paper. Your print is designed to last a lifetime and it is recommended that you treat it like an original to ensure the preservation of the quality. Please choose from our 190 gsm Semi Gloss, 210 gsm Matte, and 300 gsm Archival Matte papers. Small is up to 210mm by 297mm or 8.3" by 11.7" Medium is up to 297mm by 420mm or 11.7" by 16.5" Large is up to 420mm by 594 or 16.5" by 23.4" Extra Large is up to 594mm by 841mm or 23.4" by 33.1" Each size is printed on either A4, A3, A2, or A1 paper and then trimmed to the images proportions. Choose to have your print framed, the frame sizes are below and the print size may vary according to the frame. Small is 210 mm by 297 mm Medium is 305 mm by 405 mm Large is 405 mm by 510 mm Extra Large is500 mm by 700 mm If there is a size that you require that you can& 39;t see then let us know.  read more


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