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CD BABY.COM/INDYS Matt Auten - New Found Land [CD] USA import

CD BABY.COM/INDYS Matt Auten - New Found Land [CD] USA import



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Matt Auten - New Found Land (CD NEW) Label: Cd Baby.Com/Indys Format: CD Release Date: 08 Feb 2000 No. of Discs: 1 UPC: 607913070122 Album Tracks 1. Questions With Answers 2. Up From The Ashes 3. Bring A Rose To Sharon 4. Three-Farthing Stone 5. As Long As The Music Lasts 6. Jenny's Song (New Found Land) 7. Fall Like The Rain 8. Home By Another Way 9. Which Will 10. The Endlessness Is Kind 11. Leaf And Branch 12. A Prayer In Spring 13. Evergreen 14. Come Thou Fount/Grain By Grain  read more
GTIN-14 00607913070122
MPN 60791307012


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