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Atlantic Francis Dunnery - Fearless [CD] USA import

Atlantic Francis Dunnery - Fearless [CD] USA import
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by Atlantic
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Product Description

Francis Dunnery - Fearless (CD NEW) Label: Atlantic Format: CD MOD Release Date: 03 May 1994 No. of Discs: 1 UPC: 075678258220 ATTENTION: Manufactured On DemandTitles labeled 'MOD' (Manufactured On Demand) are items that are manufactured on demand. They are legal copies manufactured in CD-R's or DVD-R's as this is the only way to get physical copies of certain products. Album Tracks 1. American Life In The Summertime 2. Homegrown 3. Fade Away 4. Climbing Up The Love Tree 5. What's He Gonna Say 6. Feel Like Kissing You Again 7. King Of The Blues 8. Everyone's A Star 9. Couldn't Find A Reason 10. New Vibration 11. Good Life  read more

Product Specifications

GTIN-12 075678258220
EAN 075678258220
MPN 07567825822

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