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Olymp Bezner KG Olympus mens business shirt level 5 red body fit Ne...


Last recorded on: 24th Aug 2017

Product No Longer Available

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A Buyers Guide to Mens Shirts

Menswear Style

... & Advice > A BUYER’S GUIDE TO MEN’S SHIRTS TIPS ON STYLE, FITTING, COLLAR TYPES AND CUFFS Written by Rakelle Maurici in Tips & Advice on the...

Mens Shirts Buying Guide | eBay


...o shirts can be worn un-tucked and casual, or they can be worn to a less formal business meeting by being tucked in with a belt. Athletic versions of the shirts are also available....

Capsule Wardrobe business wear suits |

Looking Stylish

This week for the Spring Capsule Wardrobe I am looking at suits for the business wear section of the capsule. In most cases the best colour options would be Navy, Charcoal or for lighter...
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